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We try to anticipate your curiosity and questions. If you are not founding the answer please contact us 


Is the motorbike for sale?

Not yet. we are working to bring the motorbike on the market in 2024 and we'll open pre-orders in the next months


How much does it cost?

Price is not yet freezed. Follow us to be update

Where is the motorbike produced?

+ 90% of components are produced in Italy


How many kilometers of autonomy does the motorbike have?

It depends of riding mode, temperature, weight of rider, traffic, etc. As average, it is around 100km

How do I charge the motorbike?

You can use your home/office’s regular 120V/220V outlet to charge your motorbike bike

How long does it take to charge the motorbike?

With a 220V it takes around 6h from 0% to 80%

How many years is the battery life?

With an average utilization of 4'000km/year it is around 8 years

What should I do when the battery is at the end of its life?

No worry, with few screws it is possible regenerate or fully replace it

What should I do when I don't ride the bike for a long time?

It is recommend maintaining the motorbike bike’s battery charge at between 50%-75%

What is the total weight of the motorbike?

152 kg ready to go

Is there any regenerative braking?

Yes, it helps during braking phase and to charge the battery

lOGO pstv v2 nero
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